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A Letter from OpusXenta

Dear AFCCA members,

Thank you for visiting our Virtual Expo Booth!

OpusXenta is a world leader in providing software and technology solutions to the death care profession. Our range of products are designed to support Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, and Crematoriums.

Our flagship product, byondpro Cemetery edition, is an all-in-one, world class system that comprehensively caters to Cemeteries and Crematoriums in a single solution. byondpro Cemetery boasts powerful mapping, CRM and sales functionality, as well as integrated financials, workflow, escalation, and occupational health and safety functionality.

byondpro Funeral edition provides a wealth of capabilities for your funeral home, from finding new customers through to after-service customer care, and everything in between. When combined with byondpro Cemetery edition, you get a comprehensive and fully integrated “combo” solution.

byondpro Community edition is designed specifically with smaller cemeteries in mind. No cemetery is too small. byondpro Community is perfect for cemeteries with fewer than 100 records to cemeteries with thousands. All cemeteries, regardless of size, require proper cemetery record management, digital mapping, deceased search, inventory availability, and compliance with legislation.

Byondcloud is the profession’s first business-to-business marketplace, facilitates the ability to transact with your professional partners remotely, thus reducing the need for in-person contact for bookings and permits.

OpusXenta’s talented and dedicated team members have deep industry knowledge in both the death care and ERP Software arenas. For you, this means that we are able to offer meaningful insights and share a broad range of capabilities.


Colin Wolpert
Senior Vice President – OpusXenta


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