Garfield Refining – Increasing Charitable Donations with North America’s Premier Recycler for Crematories

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Meet your Booth Rep:

Drew Osberg


(302) 229-7644


A Message from Garfield Refining

In times of crisis, the services that you provide are more essential than ever. The Garfield family is thankful for all that you do to help your community, and we wanted to let you know we’re here to lend a hand wherever necessary.

Whether you want to implement a post-cremation metal recycling program at your facility, have been looking to upgrade your recycling processes or metal sorting equipment, or simply have questions about metal recycling and donating —we’re just an email, text, or phone call away.

Call or text Drew Osberg at 302-229-7644 or email him at with any requests or inquiries, and he will be glad to help you!

Visit for more information or to start/upgrade your recycling program!

About Garfield Refining:

We’ve provided a variety of industries with award-winning recycling solutions since 1892. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of responsive customer service and sustainable recycling solutions. Our goal is to develop lifelong relationships with our crematory partners, and their charities, by ensuring that they get the most out of their post-cremation recycling program.

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