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Laura Sedar – Scottsdale, AZ

(619) 937-2736

“I absolutely love my experience with Core Scientific! They have provided me with the two things that I really felt were missing in our recycling needs: training and transparency. Because of this we now see results in 30 days that used to take 3 to 5 months.”
John Perkes – Owner
Regency Mortuary – Sun City, AZ

With over 500 crematories across North America recycling their post-cremation metals with Core Scientific, we have established ourselves as an industry leader and the go-to choice for some of the largest corporations and funeral groups in North America.

Our STEP Program was designed based on nearly a decade’s worth of data and research and takes into consideration the unique challenges that arise for crematories of all different sizes and scope.

We provide protocols to help crematories produce cleaner remains while lifting the processing burden on the operator staff. These protocols have helped our clients realize several operational improvements while increasing recycling returns by an average of 300%.

We put together a 5 minute video explaining the STEP program and how we help crematories get the most out of their recycling program.

“Living in the Scottsdale area, I pride myself on providing  personalized service to my clients here in Arizona. You can call or text me anytime 619-937-2736 or email me at I’d love to come by the crematory, see your facility and discuss how I’m able to help you optimize your recycling program.”
Laura Sedar

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