Valorie Stading

Valorie Stading

RDSS Supervisor

Donor Network of Arizona


Valorie has worked in the field of Funeral Industry for seven years managing funeral homes as a funeral director, embalmer, crematory operator, and preparation care manager. Following Funeral Service, Valorie worked for six years as a Medical Examiner Manager pioneering an independent medical examiner’s office for a rural county in Arizona. Donor Network is blessed to have her serving and supervising a team of 22 Donor Support Coordinators. Although she is an expert in the clinical aspects of donation, her greatest gift is her ability to connect with families, supporting and comfort them during this time. She has a remarkable ability to coach and provide perspective to the team. She was the 2012 AFCCA Funeral Director of the Year.




Shining Brighter Together

In this session, Ryan and Valorie will cover:

  • About Donor Network of Arizona
  • Donor Family Experience
  • The Donation Process – Start to Finish
  • Impact on Donor Families
  • Who Does Tissue Donation Help?
  • Collaboration between DNA and Funeral Service Professionals


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