Rory McKeown

Rory McKeown

Licensed Embalmer 



Rory has been a licensed funeral director for over thirty years, beginning his career in the Chicago area working with a family owned funeral home, and then spending the remainder of his time there as a trade embalmer specializing in difficult cases.

He is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in New Mexico and licensed embalmer in AZ, and the representative for the Dodge Company in AZ, NM, and CO.

Basic Steps To Embalming Emaciated Remains

Most embalmers today will tell you there is no such thing as an easy case as it seems all cases have one or more issues that require special attention during the embalming process. More often than not, dehydration and emaciation go hand-in-hand and are sometimes thought of as easy problems to address, but are they if one is really hoping to achieve positive, pleasing post-embalming results?

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-hour presentation, class participants should be able to:

Better understand methods utilized to successfully approach what many embalmers perceive as challenging cases, those exhibiting signs of dehydration and emaciation

Evaluate the remains to determine what is required to ensure a positive presentation of the body

Embrace new techniques which will help them to successfully treat the issues being encountered

Develop techniques which will allow them to conquer today’s prep room challenges and conclude with a successful outcome, one where families will appreciate, all the while paying careful attention to:

– chemical selection and fluid dilutions to be utilized

– thorough distribution procedures

– practical restorations as necessary

– fine tuning to ensure positive presentation

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