Lori Salberg

Lori Salberg

Director of Business Development Recurring Services

Johnson Consulting Group


Lori Salberg is Director of Business Development, Recurring Services at Johnson Consulting Group. Lori has over 18 years of combined experience in cemetery, funeral, and crematory management, developing marketing and outreach programs, and recruiting, training, and retaining highly-effective cemetery sales teams. She owns a pre-need insurance sales company in California and has overseen the development of two proprietary software programs for management of cemetery and funeral home operations. She is the Chair of the ICCFA Membership Committee, is a member of the ICCFA Sales and Marketing Committee, which plans and oversees the Annual Wide World of Sales Conference; and is a member of the National Catholic Cemetery Conference Marketing & PR Committee.

The Culture of Customer Service

“How to develop a more customer AND guest centric culture”

In this session, Lori will focus on how treating employees and teaching them to treat each other defines the culture, ultimately driving the customer experience. Learn how to:

  • Establish a customer-centric culture that promotes employee engagement
  • Identify qualities that set successful candidates apart
  • Train employees to develop greater customer service aptitude
  • Utilize technology to enhance internal and external communications
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