Lindsay Danielson

Lindsay Danielson

Market Support Specialist & Coach

SCI Funeral Services Phoenix


Lindsay is a licensed Embalmer, Funeral Director and a Professional Certified Leadership Coach. Lindsay is also the co-creator/co-host of  The Art of Getting Your Shi*t Together Podcast. Lindsay has served the Phoenix funeral industry and SCI for 13 years in various roles, most as SCI’s Personal Care Center and Crematory Manager. For the last 8 years, Lindsay has immersed herself into personal development to learn, expand and give back as a leader, coach and mom.  Lindsay is currently serving SCI’s Phoenix leadership team with on-going initiatives and professional development. Lindsay accomplishes this by providing actionable strategies, additional accountability and helping create an empowering environment for team members. In addition, Lindsay has a private coaching practice working with driven professionals to breakthrough their internal barriers, overwhelm, and fear in order to show up for themselves and achieve their most desired goals.


Thriving in a Multigenerational Workplace

1 hour “C” CEU

Although the fundamentals of funeral service remain tried-and-true, the work place is always evolving. As the external culture and demands shift, so do the internal, and more generations are collaborating under one roof than any other time in history. That means it is imperative to gain a deeper understanding of how each generation contributes and thrives within your business or where you clock-in each day.   Contribution, fulfillment and impact is something we all strive to achieve. Learn how you can enhance your professional impact and provide additional value in what you do and how you do it.


Live webinar on June 11 • 2:00 PM

Webinar available for download for paid registrants the following Monday.

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