Lance Ray

Lance Ray


Pierce Chemical


Lance has been involved in funeral service since 1990.  Lance is the Chief Operating Officer for Pierce Chemical.  Lance holds a Funeral Director / Embalmers license in Texas. He is a graduate of the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service where he earned an Associate of Science degree in Funeral Service and also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Resources from Friends University, Wichita, KS.

After graduating from mortuary school he worked at a large funeral home in Wichita, Kansas as the Prep Room Manager prior to accepting a sales position with Wichita Wilbert Vault.  Over the past 20 years Lance has held various positions within the family of Wilbert dealers covering Kansas, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Michigan and Ohio.  He accepted the position as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pierce Chemical in December of 2012 upon the purchase of Pierce Chemicals by Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. and was promoted to COO of Pierce Chemicals June of 2014.

Lance has written various articles for the Director, Funeral Business Advisor, The American Funeral Director magazine and the Wilbert Updater newsletter on various embalming subjects.  He and wife and 3 children live in the Dallas, TX area.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and training for his next endurance sporting event.

Good People, Unethical Choices

1 hour “A” or “B” CEU

This one hour discussion is fun and interactive and professionals share situations and ethical choices they have had to make or have heard of others making in and out of the prep room. In this 1 hour talk Mr. Ray will review why ethics are important to the funeral profession, the 3 parts of bad choices and why we all have to work to keep ethics high in our business.


Live webinar on May 15 • 2:00 PM

Webinar available for download for paid registrants the following Monday

Mix Matters

1 hour “A” CEU

Review the history of Embalming and the 3 Purposes of Embalming today.

Move into ethics in the Prep Room – discuss common practices used and if they are ethical.

Discuss Case Reports – why we use them and why we need them today more than ever.

Mixing Arterial Fluid.  How to calculate the  percentage of strength of Arterial fluid. C x V = C’ x V’ review


Live webinar on May 22 • 2:00 PM

Webinar available for download for paid registrants the following Monday

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