Jack Tynan

Jack Tynan

Sales Account Executive

Funeral Innovations


An experienced digital marketer, Jack has worked with clients in many different industries helping them to navigate the ever-changing world of online marketing. Jack’s main focus is helping businesses create a digital strategy that will help them achieve their goals. In working with over 650+ funeral homes Jack has seen that funeral homes deeply care about their communities and deliver an incredibly high level of service. Jack’s mission is to help funeral homes deliver that same level of service online to their communities. Jack has received his Google AdWords, SEO, Display and Video Advertising certification as well as Facebook Blueprint certification.

How Facebook and email nurturing can work together to make a positive impact on your community and clients

Having a Facebook presence alone won’t necessarily make an impact on your clients.  In fact, Facebook posts are just the tip of the iceberg. Successful funeral homes combine a positive Facebook presence with other forms of digital marketing, including email, to grow their reach, increase their value, and ultimately, build their market share. All by providing caring, relevant content people want. In this talk you’ll learn how to make a positive impact with Facebook, why you should incorporate email and newsletters, and how to do it easily and effectively to reach more clients and win more market share.

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