J.A. Plosker

J.A. Plosker

Mindfulness Coach

Moving Toward Mindful


J. A. is a mindfulness coach, licensed master social worker, speaker (including TEDx), and former college instructor of comparative religion, philosophy, and social work. He is the author of two award-winning personal growth books: the novel, “An Audible Silence” and a non-fiction work, “The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life.” He is the co-founder of the Moving Toward Mindful project, and conducts workshops and gives talks on mindfulness, personal growth, and the power of ancient wisdom in everyday life.

Mindfulness Matters: The Power of Presence

1 hour “C” CEU • Presented Live and Offered as Recorded Session

When we focus on the moment, we have a much richer experience of life. However, we’re rarely focused on the here and now. We’re much more likely to be dwelling on the past or letting our thoughts pull us into the future – and we’re often not aware we’re doing it. This tendency of the mind to go on autopilot and wander keeps us from being fully engaged with our work, our family, or any other dimension of life. In a world that is sometimes chaotic, and often stressful, mindfulness is a powerful self-care tool to help bring a little calm to our lives and to anchor us. In this presentation, you’ll learn what mindfulness is, the benefits it can offer, and techniques you can use in the life you have, right now.


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