Eric Layer

Eric Layer

Author, The Right Way of Death

McKee Wallwork + Co.


Eric Layer is the author of The Right Way of Death: Restoring the American Funeral Business to Its True Calling. Eric has spent his entire life around funeral service. His parents were married in the chapel of the mortuary where they both worked, and his childhood was marked by firsthand experience with the funeral homes and cemetery where his family built their careers. Today, he leads the death care division as partner at McKee Wallwork + Co., an internationally recognized marketing advisory firm that specializes in generating momentum for stalled, stuck, and stale industries and brands. There, he has consulted for a number of globally recognized funeral brands and has played an integral role in their campaigns, products, and research efforts.

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We’re okay, right? Funeral Care in 2021, and What’s Next

Eric Layer helps funeral homes navigate the winds of change and lead successful businesses. Drawing from his unique cross-section of expertise in brand strategy and death care, Eric speaks on a variety of engaging and original topics, including:

The Right Way of Death
Why your funeral home is stuck, and what to do about it.

No, We Won’t Always Have the Body
Why funeral service isn’t a sure thing, and how to change the way you work to prepare for the coming earthquake.

Don’t Be All Things to All People
Why your families aren’t hearing what you think you’re saying to them, and how to fix it by changing the way you sell.

Mind the Merchandise Gap
Why selling more products might not be the path to success.

63% of Your Customers Don’t Like You
What we know about targeting in death care, and what we need to learn.


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