Darren Crouch

Darren Crouch


Passages International


Darren grew up in South Africa and England before moving to the USA. He co-founded Passages International, Inc. twenty years ago in Taos, New Mexico, when the demand for green and non-traditional funeral options was in its infancy. The original concept was to provide funeral directors with a more dignified and profitable, eco-friendly temporary container in which to return cremated remains when a family declined an urn. Today, Passages International is a global leader in biodegradable urns, eco-friendly caskets, shrouds and more, giving funeral homes everywhere new and unique options to meet the rapidly changing demands of families. 

Darren has presented at the NFDA and ICCFA conventions, as well as participated in green festivals around the country. He also, was instrumental in the development in the funeral industries first-ever Green Conference, organized in conjunction with CANA. Darren serves on the board of the Green Burial Council and says, “It has been very rewarding to help funeral homes remain relevant and profitable amid the changing and less-traditional funeral landscape.”

Future of Cremation Consumers and Green Options

1 hour “C” CEU

The cremation consumer has changed over the last decade and it is important for funeral homes to remain aligned with their values. This presentation by Darren Crouch, President of Passages International, Inc will highlight recent cremation and scattering data, analyze consumer buying habits, look at best practices and provide concrete steps businesses can take to remain relevant and profitable. Attendees will gain insights on what motivates their families and how to engage them with new experiences.


Live webinar on June 5 • 2:00 PM

Webinar available for download for paid registrants the following Monday.

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