Bill Werner

Bill Werner

Assistant Sales Manager
Director of Technical Resources
Sales Representative



Bill Werner has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer for the past 25 years. Since November 2011, Bill has worked for The Dodge Company as a sales representative, and currently as the Assistant Sales Manager/Director of Technical Resources.  In addition, he has been an instructor in all aspects of Mortuary Science for over 24 years, and recently retired as a Colonel from the U.S. Army Reserves after over 30 years of service..

U.S. Military Mortuary Affairs:  Past and Present

1 hour “B” CEU 

This program is a broad-based recap of military mortuary affairs in the United States and will include a variety of materials such as a historical perspective of military mortuary affairs with specific references to past conflicts. At the conclusion of the presentation, participants should have a thorough working knowledge of what goes into returning America’s fallen heroes to their awaiting families, from the time of death, the dignified transfer, and ultimately their final trip home for funeral services.

Then and Now:  How We’ve Honed Our Prep Room Skills

1 hour “A” CEU 

Program will reinforce basic preparation room techniques for setting features, i.e., mouth closure, molding of the mouth, closing the lips, closing the eyes, and closing a cranial autopsy.  Class participants will be shown materials they should have been exposed to in mortuary school and may have forgotten, while also learning some new skills to help them achieve a well-embalmed body with a positive memory picture.


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